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What adjustments are needed when adding additional dry ingredients?

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What adjustments are needed when adding additional dry ingredients?

Hi, I asked this question on another site. Sorry if you've seen it elsewhere.

When baking any kind of bread, if you start adding additional dry ingredients not called for in the original recipe, such as easy-roll dough enhancer, pizza flavoring, cake enhancer, and so on, do you need to add more liquid, or do you remove the equivalent amount of flour? Sometime you may add up to a 1/4 cup of additional dry ingredients. I would assume that you would also need to add more liquid. What is the correct way to approach this? Thanks in advance.

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if the added ingredients are dry flour type things like DE, or VWG or malts I count them as extra flour and up the hydration accordingly to keep it consistent with the formula.

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Fred Rickson

You have hit on the reason experience is so important in breadmaking.  After some time you can add all the "extras" you want and will be able to then finish with liquid/flour and get the perfect dough by feel.  I have seen videos where a quarter inch of bench flour is taken up during kneading, with no mention of the addition.  Thinking about it, I guess that is why I don't worry about 5 grams of this or that, and use recipes as guides only, not for specific amounts.  Just work on getting the feel.