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Why does this happen?

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Why does this happen?

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Maybe you should have burst a few bubbles.

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The dough was probably not degassed completely. It looks like you were making some kind of dinner roll-like shape out of an enriched dough. The final shaping step requires aggressively pressing out all of the air bubbles. I usually scale out each piece, shape them into rounds, use a rolling pin to flatten each piece into an elongated pancake while squeezing out all the air, and then roll up the pancakes into logs for the final proof. Using some version of this procedure will help you avoid the large bubbles seen in your photo.

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thanks  yy! it is a enriched dough but i was making hot dog that day. i'll let you know if there any change using the procedure that you're recommend me.     

thanks again!

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Mini Oven

Depending on the recipe, the dough might have needed another bulk rise with degassing between and before shaping.