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Help with a lame

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Help with a lame

When I slash my bread just before putting it into the oven I use a lame. Most of the time it sticks to the dough and I can't proceed easily. Any advice will be appreciated.


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Following a tip someone else posted here, recently I've been dipping the blade in a bit of oil before slicing. It seems to help.

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I tried oiling the blade of a very sharp knife and it seems to work batter than water. No reason it would not work with a razor blade or such.

An alternative is to use scissors, not as elegant of a cut, but it does the work with no friction.

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I slash with just a regular bread knife, but I found that if I start
to cut right back near the handle then draw the knife across the loaf
finishing with the tip to move from the loaf last, then I have no problem,,,,, Bit sorta complicated to explain but I think you can see whatI mean, :-))qahtan

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