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My (new) Bakery

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May 16, 2006 - 2:31am -- martin

I started building a bakery at the start of the month. So far we have four walls. The area is about 1,300 sq feet. At the moment we are using my mother-in-laws kitchens (three of them). We hope this, located on a bit of land next door will be ready around end of June.



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Submitted by kenaparsons on

where is your new bakery located? What will be available?

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Submitted by martin on

The Bakery is located in Malaysia near Kuala Lumpur. We mostly bake Organic goods so we are hoping to get the place approved.

We supply baked goods to Organic Shops, Make Coconut Oil, Make soaps and will start to produce Essential Oils later in the year.

We are hoping to start some training courses in Baking towards the end of the year.

We bake with Leaven from whole grain wheat we grind in our stone mill. We also use Unbleached flour imported from Australia.

On Sundays we display our goods at a Farmers market in the City. We only started the Farmers Market about 5 weeks ago and so far business is rising.

All this did not happen overnight. When we first started about five years ago we could not give the bread away. No-one wanted whole-grain breads. Bread here is very soft and fluffy. We persisted and have found our customer base.