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Baking bread in a professional electric pizza oven

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Baking bread in a professional electric pizza oven

Hello people

New to this forum,sorry for not introducing myself and just jumping straight in with a question.

I need to know what kind of results I can expect from a professional pizza oven,what im looking for is the convenience of a deck style oven on 240volts rather than 3 phase

Here is the model I have in mind

Im looking at baking 600g sour doughs,ciabatta etc....(smallish bakery goods)


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You might consider the new Uuni wood fired pizza oven that's been funded on kickstarter and shipping soon!


Not sure if it's big enough for your needs, but pretty interesting.

Rumor is it will retail for less than $300.


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.... it's costing $325 on the product web page.

Also, there's no apparent source for the wood pellets needed in the U.S.   Although I'd like to think "how different are wood pellets from each other?", methinks the devil would be in that kind of detail.

Another killer appears to be shipping - $80 to much of the U.S., $130 to Ontario in Canada.

Has anyone posting here seen/used/test reviewed this thing?  It seems a little tight & low for bread baking, but who knows?



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You cannot draw full power on single phase electricity, so do not expect the same results as commercial deck ovens which run 3 phase.

Also, the top heat elements are very different in this oven as it's designed for pizzas only.   Most breads require more solid bottom heat and less intense top heat; so pizza and bread ovens [deck-style] are not interchangeable.

It really depends on the quantities you want to bake.   Small numbers and you might be ok; but if you want to work commercially, then this won't be an option.

Best wishes