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Hobart c-100-t Help

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Chris Dudek

Hobart c-100-t Help

Hi Everyone,

I just bought a working hobart c-100 mixer and it was working fine.  In my excitement i decided to replace the cord because the old was was badly tattered and taped in many places.  Well i took off the switch plate and pulled out the gear selector lever.  When i went to put it back in it spun freely and i couldnt get it to change speeds again.  After doing some research on the internet I discovered that a key dropped out of the keyway and i caused quite a problem.  I am wondering if anyone has had one of these mixers apart to fix this gear selector? I looked at the parts diagram and im not sure how many pieces this thing is going to have to come apart in.  Im pretty sure ill try and fix it myself. Any advice on what i can expect fixing this would be most appreciated.  Thanks for your help guys.

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I can't really help you beyond suggesting that maybe, if you're lucky, try to fish the dropped keyway out with a magnet on a stick/just a stick.

At anyrate good luck.