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dutch oven on the pizza stone

Hi there! There was already one post with a title "dutch oven on the top of pizza stone" but the author was asking about sth completely different from the issue that's bothering me.

So, one week ago I purchased my baking stone which is quite solid and heavy (30 mm thickness, about 7 kg weight). I bake quite a lot so I would be happy to leave the stone in the oven like most people do and not to move it. However, I'm also using the dutch oven at least once a week, sometimes even more often. The problem is that to put it in the oven I have to take the baking stone out everytime because otherwise it doesn't fit (maybe even fits but almost hits the oven upper part and as I use convection, I thnk it would be reasonable to leave some space there). It would fit if I could put it directly on the baking stone but as the casserole is quite heavy itself and even heavier when loaded, I wonder if it could make my stone crack or break. I rather can't put the stone lower cause it's just situated about 2 inches above the oven floor at the moment.

The stone is made of chamotte.

Does anyone have a similar problem and solved it somehow? Does anyone have any ideas? Every comment will be appreciated!'s picture

I just wanted to add that it's not about my laziness to take the baking stone out of the oven.

It's mostly about saving energy: it would be good to start heating up the stone while making a stew and make the bread after (or before).

So I just wonder if it would break or not...

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fo rmy bread baking.  One on the top shelf and one on the rack right above the bottom rack.  With a rack on the bottom, this alows me to put (2) of Silvias' steaming pans and a 12" CI skillet on the bottom rack for steam.  When I bake with a DO, I just move the bottom stone to bottom rack and place the DO on the rack whjere the bottom stone was.   I don't like baking DO on the stone.'s picture

so either you have a bigger oven or smaller DO than me.....

you said that you don't like baking DO on the stone, does it mean that you tried and it didn't break?

and can you tell me why you don't like it? is it because DO and BS require more time to heat when they are put together?