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Hobart N-50 Mixer

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Hobart N-50 Mixer

Just rec'd a Hobart N-50 mixer from my neighbor.  Plugged it in.  It ran..  I have not put a load on motor yet however I did do a dry run and appeared it got a bit warm not hot to touch.   Was able to find instruction manual but cannot seem to find the service manual so that I may remove old grease and replace with new which I will mention I have no clue on what type of grease to purchase.   I am also hoping that one of you folks has had to do this task and would welcome any simple pointers that will make it easier and not very complicated (keep it simple)to complete the task or better yet a copy of the service manual..PDF format please.  Afraid if I take it to Hobart the cost would be astounding I think. Also looking for the old Hobart sticker/decal.  Not the one the spells out HOBART.  One more thing it needs a good paint job.  Appears to be a light grey.   Again if there is someone who can give me any information please PM me.   My wife is waiting patiently so she may use it soon




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There are several good quality greases out there for your mixer, mostly on line unless you want to buy a very large quanity.  Please remember to only use "food grade" grease such as a silicon based product that is food rated.  The last thing you need is to put any hydrocarbons in your baked goods.

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I have asked the same questions to our Goodwin tucker service man and he strongly suggested to NOT try to take the mixer apart to grease it. Get a professional to open it up, otherwise you may be stuck with a useless mixer and a box of parts.