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Has anyone made bread with Otentic?  I was told to use it in place of yeast; however, I am not sure of what amount to use.  If I use 1 tbsp of yeast what amount of Otentic would I use.

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It looks like they sell a flour that has dried sourdough starter in the bread??? I can't figure out if it is just for flavor or if it activated by moisture and actually leavens the bread.

This pdf says it is 4% (I assume that is a bakers weight meaning add 4% of Otentic by weight to the flour in your recipe.

Where do you buy Otentic?

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I buy it at a health food store here in Winnipeg called Aviva.

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Mini Oven

I think the makers, made up a word so they couldn't be held responsible for not being authentic, they're selling flavour additives so the consumer thinks the bread is authentic "o-tentic."  You get what you pay for.   "The power of suggestion" is alive and well.

Took a week for ancient Egyptians to make bread?  (Claims the advert.)  The pyramids would never have been built if the bread took that long!  In that heat?  Talk about fast proving dough!  

Lots of hype for shortcuts.  Quoting hype proves hype?  Until someone can prove that taking shortcuts is healthier for the body than fermenting the grain longer, I stick to my long fermentation methods and natural aromas for as long as I can.

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It's a prepared "Improver" consisting mainly of dried sourdough powder and a load of enzymes.   No wonder I run a mile from "Health Food" shops!   List of ingredients is very instructive.   Note it contains antioxidant Ascorbic Acid.   Apparently no "e" numbers in the formula.   Ascorbic Acid carries E300 number here in the EU!?

The information about what Puratos call this "brand" on their website is so revealing.   Multi claims...about nothing.

Stick with Mini; she knows much better.

Best wishes


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Sir Bernard

I just bought some otentic at Aviva in Winnipeg.

No recipes. the website links do not work.

Shall I return it?

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Here is one of the videos I found for using O-tentic. Try a search on Youtube as there are several of them.

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"68081","attributes":{"alt":"Recipe - Pain Rustique with O-tentic","class":"media-image"}}]]

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4% to flour weight