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Looking for a good wall oven

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Looking for a good wall oven

Does anyone have any experience baking mainly patisserie in wall ovens? Miele and bertazzoni are looking good to me -design wise, but would love to hear if anyone has had experience with these or others they like/love or dislike. Many thanks. Devin

Sjadad's picture

I had Thermador wall ovens and found them to be very, very good. I baked croissants, puff pastry, tarts, etc. all with excellent results. 

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Sjadadi is right.  Thermador is very reliable.  Two houses ago I had one and loved it. It had a "true" thermastat, produced consistent results, and had  the best self-cleaning mechanism I've ever used.  It was even better than a Jenn-Air that I had later.

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double wall oven and I'm crazy about it. I do a LOT of baking and have never been disappointed: convection top and bottom and more preprogrammed functions (including a Proof setting at 100F/39C) than any reasonable person could ever need.

Stan Ginsberg