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looking for bread oven builder/intern

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looking for bread oven builder/intern

We are renovating our outdoor kitchen space and would like to add a bread oven/barbecue cook center. We are in a remote part of Mendocino Co. and hope to connect with a builder/dreamer.

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Hi Sourdoh,

Please do some research before you hire someone to build your oven. They may be top notch masons or have built fireplaces and ovens in the past. The key to a great performing oven is insulation, under the hearth/floor/cooking surface and around the dome or barrel. Proper insulation is a no brainer, ceramic fiber boards under the hearth and ceramic fiber blankets around the dome or barrel. If someone tell you that crushed glass or sand will work, keep looking. You can get free plans and step by step instructions

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Thanks for the tips, Laurentius. Ans thanks for the link to Forno Bravo.

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I have no idea how much bread you plan on baking outdoors but I bake about 3 loaves a week on my Big Green Egg. It's just an option. 

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I just recently purchased a clay oven kit..from Belforno Pizza arrived and looks 

great..we have just started construction and Frank from Belforno seems like a great guy

So far I am really happy.