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Am I 'fool proof,' or a 'proofed fool?'

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Am I 'fool proof,' or a 'proofed fool?'

That remains to be seen. I have always loved baking. Always. Like, ever since I had to stand on a chair to reach the countertop. I can't say that my family was surprised when I eventually went to work in the culinary field. But, I was very surprised when a shattered leg brought my career to a sudden stop. That was in 2008, and I'm embarassed to say how little time I've spent in the kitchen since then. I had lost my passion.

Fast-forward two years and I limped back into my kitchen to make cupcakes for a church fundraiser. One dozen a month for a year to be precise. I forgot how much fun I used to have just baking. Skip forward another year, and I took up cycling to further rehab my leg (it's very low impact...except when you fall). With all of the different meetings, campouts and events that our cycling club held, I quickly realized I had willing lab rats who would never dream of turning down any baked goods after a long ride. So, between that, and the number of my cycling friends who have dietary concerns, the mad scientist/baker has awaken.

I've begun experimenting with diabetic-friendly and gluten free baking. It's a learning process, for certain, but I've finally got everyone trained to provide useful feedback. I really want to make things that they can eat that actually taste GOOD, and realize I need to better understand what is supposed to be taking place with my regular baking. Having built some of my culinary courage back up, I am delving back into my first love, bread. I baked my first, simple loaf of bread this weekend for my family, and it was a smash hit. I feel rather rusty, and remember it as I go along, but I couldn't believe I managed to forget how relaxing it is to just knead dough.

I'm loving this site and community! Lots of great inspiration and information. More than that, I'm loving seeing my passion return. I can't wait to get back in kitchen and try something new.

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Welcome to TFL, and happy baking!

This is a great community. Share & ask questions, and you'll learn a lot :)

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welcome to the forum!  

Please do keep us informed of your experiments.  Especially regarding gluten free and diabetics breads and baked goods.  

I would love to know what you learn.

Keep on baking!

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I'm sure there will plenty of updates on failed efforts :) and probably a few more successful. Hopefully, the ratio will reverse before long.