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Oven Fan Add-On?

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Oven Fan Add-On?

Hope this isn't a stupid question....but is there a fan you can buy FOR a conventional oven to help it act LIKE a convection?

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From the below excerpt, it sounds like air is heated prior to being in the oven not just circulating warm air. I'm no expert and I could be wrong but you would really have to bastardize an oven to simulate a convection oven. You would have to wire a fan inside the oven... doesn't sound safe. I would buy one. If price is a concern check craigslist for used. Unless you have really good fire insurance. 


Hopefully, more knowledgable answers will follow.



A frequent complaint of cooks with radiant ovens is that bottoms of foods get scorched, while tops are not browned evenly. This is because the temperature is not the same over the course of the cooking time, as well as over the volume of the oven cavity. A convection oven can correct this variation by using a fan that blows pre-heated air throughout the oven and around the food, rather than simply surrounding food with heated air. When air is blown onto food, it tends to cook more evenly than when it is surrounded by heated air.

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Prior to the year 2000, maybe the 1990s, you could buy a fan (at Kmart) that sat on the top shelf of the oven.  This patent describes such a device, a spring-powered wind-up fan.  I haven't a clue if that patent, and the fan I'm remembering at Kmart, are related.

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It isn't a stupid question,  I am not aware of any such fan - one challange would be how to power it - batteries would not do very well in a hot oven.  If you are try to get the effect of better distribution of heat, the only option I know of it to regularly open the door and turn the loaves, or even change the racks they are on.  While the best convection ovens have a third element which is used to heat the air, many ovens labeled as convection have a fan at the back that just circulates the air heated by the baking element or burner - that can give better results than without such a fan - but it isn't guaranteed.