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Artisan Breads by Gregoire Michaud

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Artisan Breads by Gregoire Michaud

Hello All!

I'm a staff member at the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park, NY, and I'm trying to find a copy of Gregoire Michaud's Artisan Breads. I work in the Breads kitchen here, and we're looking for a copy to keep for reference and for our students. I've had one or two students ask me about this book, but I can't seem to find any copies.

Any suggestions on where I might find a copy to purchase?

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Interesting.  Looks like it is from Hong Kong and out of print at the moment.  It also looks like he is rereleasing his books as e-books, so it may be available that way before too long. I can't find a print copy available new or used though.

Good luck!

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Maybe if you ask him directly he has a copy for you. Very nice Swiss guy working in Hong Kong.

(of course all Swiss guys and gals are nice, especially the ones from the Valais!!!))


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I bought this book on the Internet. It's  a bilingual version, with Chinese and English.