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Need Help _ International Issue

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Need Help _ International Issue


I relocated from USA to an asian nation to open my own sandwich restaurant, the problem I am facing is that we have now grown to 7 restaurants and to standardize product we had to move to premix route. The issue now is that the Ciabatta premix i currently use is giving a bread that is too dry or crusty for local taste, when i make grill or toasted sandwich it gets further dry and people are not liking it as they are looking for a moist or softer bread with a nice crust.

I have to do this because this is the only premix available in the country, any suggestions on what can i add to make the final product softer in texture. The good thing is people are loving the American Food and we are growing; the challenge is as we grow we are finding it harder to maintain a consistent product unless we go with premix option.

Any suggestions on what can be done to make a Ciabatta softer / moist, I know it is against Ciabatta bread character but thats the challenge i have as thats what people want.


Thank you...M



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Laura T.

What level of hydration are you making it at?