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Anyone interested in a pure granite Lee Household Mill stone?

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Anyone interested in a pure granite Lee Household Mill stone?

I have a pure granite mill stone for Lee Household Mill. The stone was copied from a Lee Household Mill stone by a company that specializes in laser cutting materials with a computer program. It has a slightly rough interior where the grain strikes the surface: and they did a good job, as it is virtually a perfect copy of a Lee stone, including the slight front and back difference a Lee stone has. It works as well to grind as the stone that comes with the Lee Household Mill. I used it for several months. The original Lee stone is made of composite materials pressed together. This stone is the material of an old fashioned mill stone. I can email more photos and tell you more if you like.

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where are  you located and how much  are you asking for your stone

You can contact me on my e mail address at





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it looks like the granite is highly polished from the picture above.  Am I correct?

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Only the outside of the stone facing the camera lens is polished.  The interior of the stone is not polished and has a rough texture. The back of the stone facing inward and the outer circumference are unpolished and rough,