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Diastatic malt powder

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Diastatic malt powder

I recently bought some diastatic malt powder to make soft bread pretzels. In my usual fashion I bought too much. Does anyone else have any recipes/ideas on how to use this up



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Why do you want to use it all up? Keep it and use it for more pretzels or whenever you come across recipes that call for it(bagels, kaiser rolls, light rye breads, etc).

It will keep for a very long time if kept cool, and dry. Almost indefinitely in the freezer.

I have had a supply myself for over 3 years. I'm almost out now and worry what I will do without it, as it is almost impossible to acquire locally.

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108 breads

What does this malt powder do? Is it a good addition to rye breads? Bagels? I admit that I am still a little afraid of the bagel challenge. Seems intimidating.

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Mini Oven

:)   it is basically a flour milled from dried sprouted barley containing diastase enzymes

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Without this ingredient I could not make my much loved English Malt bread. This is as close as I've come to the sticky raisin bread us Brits remember from back home.  I first made it in a bread machine but now make it with my KA /or by hand using the same formula.

7/8 - 1 cup water

1t caramel color ( I use the powdered caramel color from King Arthur )

1T vegetable oil

2T corn syrup

1t salt

2 3/4 cups AP unbleached flour

1T Diastatic Malt flour

1T malt extact

1T dried Whey ( I could not find this last time I baked malt bread but it did not seem to make any difference )

1t instant yeast

1/2c  - 3/4c  raisins

Mix everything except raisins, knead about 6 minutes, rise in lightly oiled bowl  covered with plastic wrap until double ( can take quite a while ) knead gently into a rectangle, add raisins and fold in until incorporated. Shape and put in 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 bread pan.Let rise until just above the edge of the pan.

Bake at 400 until brown and sounding hollow ( 20 - 25 minutes ) or Regular light in a bread machine.

Great toasted or not . I love it just with butter.






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Nice recipe I am going to give this a go. The malt bread I have made before has been to dense, similar to a house brick