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Help me!!

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Help me!!

I have to leave home soon to pick up 2 of my children from school.. I will be gone about 2 hours. 

I have 2 loaves of french bread I was hoping to double in size before I left so I could bake them... but it may take longer then planned. What should I do to ensure I can still use them? I am reading to put them in the fridge.. but do i do that and do another rise or what? I need specifics as I am so new to this and I want to continue improving my bread making! 

Thank you! :) 

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Mini Oven

and have reached peak expansion or start to fall, reshape and let them rise again.  Don't bake fallen loaves, they will just be bricks.  I hope you make it back in time.  

If you get back in time, leave the shaped rising loaves in the refrigerator until oven is preheated.