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Beer instead of water killed the yeast?

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Beer instead of water killed the yeast?

I made burger buns (delicious) and decided to do more of the same, but adding Lazy Mutt beer instead of water. The result was a dough that lacked cohesion, and didn't rise an inch, so could the beer have killed the yeast or at least impaired its growth?

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I've used beer in bread many times and it's never killed the yeast.  You can even use Guinness in bread without any problems.

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I have been using up old cans of beer in my weekly sandwich bread. The only thought I had was that the Lazy Mutt was not pasteurized but I see by the website it is.  Is there something in the unfiltered yeast part (enzymes) that survive and can cause issues? Beyond my  knowledge.

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maybe you were using a high alcohol brew but this is only 5% and shouldn;t be a problem.  We use beer all the time from low alcohol brews like the 4.1% Guinness, 5.9% ice beer, 7% porters, 8.2% Werewolf and others as high as 9% without any problem.  I try not to bake with ales since they can, more than occasionally, give the bread a horrible,if unique,  taste without any be warned :-)

Don't think it was the alcohol content.  I noticed that this is an unfiltered beer and maybe that is a problem?  But, if it is pasteurized that too shoiuldn't be a problem. 

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It's highly unlikely that the beer was responsible; yeast in beer only starts to die off at around 18% abv. There are some chemicals that can be added to halt fermentation but it's uncommon for them to be used for beer

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I'm going to give it another go and see what happens - though Im not keen on wasting what we have of that really nice beer I think it'll give the buns a nice touch.