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Hello from a newbie

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Hello from a newbie

Hi guys,

 My baking life startewhat's a school leaver finding myself working in my local bakery,(21yrs ago).

I since 21yrs old I've done other things, but have always still loved making my own bread. I use fresh and dried yeast, making my own recepies, my choc and walnut is my fave and my focaccia style is also good. 

A couple of weeks ago a tv baker (Paul Hollywood) made sourdough and sparked my love onceagain to LEARN new things. But, (oh the pain) after reading so much over the last couple of weeks and my flour to get my starter going, it's obviouse I need help. That's why I'm here, to learn about sourdough. Most google searches pop up worth links to the FRESHLOAF website and all the postsell ok good and friendly. So here I am.


Hello from the UK


*i can see the mistakes in the post and I would edit, but it's not very easy tcorrect posts on an sorry.

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Sparr0wman, I'm a newbie too, but I've learned a good deal about sourdough already. I got a known good starter from Friends of Carl at It is "almost free" in that they only request you pay for postage. In the US, it is as simple as sending them a self addressed stamped envelope. For other places in the world, they request you send US$1.10 to cover postage. The details are on the web page. I'm not entirely familiar with The Fresh Loaf yet myself, but if you search the forums, your answer may already be there, if you know what you need help with. There is also a wonderful post about starting a starter on Susan's Wild Yeast blog at that will guide you through the whole process from choosing the right kind of flour to feeding the right way. Another great page to visit on her site is where she tells how she keeps her starter going.

Sorry for all the external links. As I said, I'm new here myself. But, there is probably good information on this site as well, if you search the forums to find it.

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Thanks David

trying lots of searching and taking in a lot of info on the sourdough, but it looks very unlike what I'm used to. Everyone hints a what works for them rather than anything set in stone. Once my starter is up and going I know I could maintain it, it's just, lots of bubbles, very little growth. And I've had a cold over last few days and now can't smell. Haha. 

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Do yourself a favor and buy Tartine Bread by chad Roberts. I think it's one of the best books to learn how to use natural leavin properly. You actually, probably, won't need to use this site any more once you read the entire book and bake a few loafs using Mr. Roberts techniques.