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Chewy "unrisen" base to my bread

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Chewy "unrisen" base to my bread



I hope this is the right section to ask for help.

I have been making bread for about a year and I have managed to produce a couple of edible loaves each week.


Last week I made a standard wholewheat loaf in a tin. I left it to rise too long on the second rise so I got a muffin top. The real problem was the bottom of the loaf was a dense layer of chewy dough, almost as if it hadn't rise.

Yesterday I made my standard white bread and the same thing has happened, a layer of chewy dough on the base. I was careful not to leave the bread to rise too long the second time, and the bread looks perfect from the outside.

Can any say what I am suddenly doing wrong?

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Mini Oven

then there would be lack of heat underneath the baking loaf.  Try getting it in sooner.

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Thanks Mini, I will check the oven temperature next timel