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w00t! I am a baker and I doth pwn!!

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w00t! I am a baker and I doth pwn!!

Hey all, I'm Jess. 21 year old apprentice baker at Bakers Delight in an undisclosed suburb in Melbourne, Australia. I've been doing this apprenticeship for 8 months now and it's really hard work but incredibly satisfying.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Me at Easter (normally I don't take photos of myself when I'm at work... there's too much to do).

Me on a day off. (Btw I'm not obsessed with throwing up the horns... my girlfriend and I make that hand gesture whenever we say "w00t!")

I'm really interested in French and continental baking methods and recipes. I wouldn't mind going to France someday to work in a boulangerie, but until then I shall continue to hang out in suburban Melbourne and learn more about breadmaking at trade school.

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Those are pretty much the funniest pictures here. :)
Rock On!

Sound cools with the apprentice baking gig. Post some shots of the stuff you're baking up. :)


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Joe Fisher

1337 bakexorz! Can't wait to see you pwn some loaf.


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b@K1nG 1s t3H r0XX0r!