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Can I use my Nutrimill to mill sprouted wheat?

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Can I use my Nutrimill to mill sprouted wheat?

Does anyone know if I will gum up my mill if I use it to mill sprouted grain and yes I know it has to be dried first LOL, but just wanted to make sure before I mess anything up.


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I am no expert here but I would think that if the grain is thoroughly dried it shouldn't present any problem.  Just to be safe you might want to give the company a call first and check with them.


Good Luck,


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I would agree with Janet with a strong emphasis on "thoroughly" dried,  as in drier than dry.


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Their customer service is excellent. Asking the forum, most of whom do not own one makes little sense.

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Lucky Scrunchy

How do you like your Nutrimill? I am researching mills and this is one of two I'm interested in. Now I need to find a supplier of sprouted spelt that won't cost me an arm and a leg in shipping costs.

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I love love my nutrimill. Every part of the wheat grain is finely milled, it has lifetime repair guarantee, minimal dust. Been using it now for 12 years with a few trips back to the factory for tweaking.  It always comes back good as new.

If you use it for oat groats, beware of it clogging the mill.  I clean out the chamber really well before running the next batch.

Can you sprout your own spelt?


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Lucky Scrunchy

I am new to the world of spelt, buckwheat, sprouting and mills. My naturpath told me that I should really consider switching to them instead of flour. They are apparently low glycemic and super healthy. I guess I'm just going to learn as I go. :)

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Just learning about this myself.'s picture

Did sprouted wheat work in the Nutrimill ?