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Low Cost Steam Oven

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Low Cost Steam Oven

I attended a trade show last week where I found a vendor who just put a new pizza oven on the market.  They also have 2 other small model (portable, countertop) ovens that heat up to 400+ degrees.  The pizza oven heats to over 600 degrees.  The cost?  Each is under $300.00.

I talked with the vendor rep who I've known for a couple of years and explained the need for a low cost steam injected oven.  For the 3 models the vendor currently sells, the only missing part is the steam.

I undertand the need for high quality insulation, quality parts (tight door, hinges) etc, and the pizza oven the vendor just introduced is great quality as is.  The vendor was open to looking at a method to add steam to the oven if they could see there would be a large enough market for the change.

My question is: how much interest is there for a steam oven that may only cost $200 - $300?  For a price in this range, the oven may only be large enough to bake 1 loaf or 2 smaller loaves, but if the oven produced high quality bread with good oven spring, would it be worth considering?  I don't know of any steam injected ovens on the market in this price range.  Let me know if something like this would be of interest for home use.

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I for one would be interested in such an oven.

If it's to be produced with this market of home artisan bakers in mind, perhaps others here would weigh in with wish list items, so of which might have appeal to other users and/or be relatively inexpensive to incorporate if thought of early in the design process.

For me a wide, shallow footprint would permit 2–3 loaves end-to-end or one baguette, an impossible form factor in a Dutch oven.

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Yes I would be intersted. I am currently looking for such an oven and can only find commercial ovens that cost a lot more than $300.  The things I would look for is steam, temp range to 450

ceramic floor, and good enough insulation to be a counter top oven.  It would be great if it could take a half sheet pan that way it could do rolls and other bread styles. Let us know what your friend comes up with.  Pam

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Half size pan would be great, but need some clearance for higher loaves. Other requirements:

1. Independent toggle switch for steam injection.

2. Independent switches for top and bottom heating elements

3. All stainless steel interior

4.  Well sealed

5. Accurate internal oven thermometer with digital read out

Nice to have:

1. Countdown timer for both steam and baking

2. Oven light

3. Cleaning cycle

4. Descale cycle


1. Fancy cooking programs

2. Baking stone - nice but likely will drive up price too much. Rack should be able to support one, however.


I'm currently using the Westinghouse CSV Tritec steam oven that I bought for $199 shipping included about 2-3 years ago. The only technical issue with it has been the digital readout which has lost some of the LED elements over time. It is not really made for baking per se, but does inject steam quite well. I have to fake out its pre-programmed cooking in order to get high temperature steam. I would certainly buy a countertop steam oven that could  hold more bread. 

Here's my initial review back when I bought it 2 years ago:





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Yes, I would be intested in one too.