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Brooklyn Baking Co Waterbury CT

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Brooklyn Baking Co Waterbury CT

Just finished a gig as the central figure in the middle of the mall saying Ho Ho Ho at Brass Mill Center.

While there I found the Brooklyn baking Co which specializes is rye and pumpernickle breads...they are over 100 years at the same place....a quick tour found old industrial equipment that was like being in a museum but best of all was the brick, coal fired oven w/steam boiler....creat crusty breads and a fun place to visit.   on John St.

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I grew up eating the bread made here.  The light rye is fantastic.  I read another review recently that noted that the rye is great toasted after three days and I realised  I have never had a piece toasted.   A loaf never lasted that long, and there was never a need to toast it.   I remember going into the back ( where the ovens are )  with my father as a kid of 8 or 9 , and having the old Lithuanian baker show us a 100 pound wooden flour barrel half filled with rye sour dough starter complete with 2-3 inches  of alcohol floating on top .  He said that 's why they were always in a good mood.  I knew people from thirty miles away who would drive to this bakery every Sunday just to get the bread for Sunday dinner.