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I need a Hobart Kitchenaid K-5A Part

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I need a Hobart Kitchenaid K-5A Part

We have an old Hobart Kitchenaid K-5A mixer and have seemed to misplace the brush holder cap for one side of the motor.


This part is no longer available anywhere that I have been able to locate. This is the old brass version that is smaller than the newer plastic version and they will NOT interchange.


Does anyone know where to locate one of these old brush holder caps? I might even be willing to purchase a complete mixer that no longer works just for the parts.


Is there a simple way to retrofit the entire brush holder assembly with the new style?


I just hate to let this old work horse go to waste because of one small, missing part.

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Call them.  They've always been very helpful to me.


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Thanks. I'll call tomorrow.

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I also have this old mixer and it needs new brushes that they no longer make. Whateven happened when you called them?


Thank you for your help!