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2006 James Beard Award Winners

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2006 James Beard Award Winners

I see the 2006 James Beard Award Winners have been announced. The winning bread-related books are Dough: Simple Contemporary Breads by Richard Bertinet and A Baker's Tour by Nick Malgieri.

Anybody have either of these books yet? Thoughts?

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Mike from WI

I have purchased Dough by R Bertinet and I think it is an excellent refreshing book on making bread. It may seem quite basic to some, but I have been baking bread for 15 years and there is always some tidbit to be picked up. What he communicates well in this book is from five basic recipes, many, many breads. And some novel breads they are, bread shots with little treats poked inside balls of dough, puff balls with salad greens hidden inside, morrocan spice rolls all with your basic french bread and it continues in that vein throughout the book. Like Floyd encourages, Richard really allows you to expand your horizons and think outside the white bread box per say.

Along with that it does come with a 30 min DVD illustrating his method of hand kneading and how to shape and form various loaves. Nice to have and basic, but I picked up a few things from him. It is evident in his video how much he loves his bread and loves to bake.

As you can see, I do like the book. Found one copy at B&N and previewed the recipes a and the intro before I bought. I say do the same,and perhaps you will enjoy as much as I did.