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KitchenAid Models

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KitchenAid Models

I'm an experienced home cook and baker, and want to buy a Kitchenaid stand mixer, But I'm a bit confused about the different models. 

The information in the company's website is quite lacking, and the model names different than those used in my country, perhaps because they're older models or something? 
Different websites give different data about the models to add to my confusion. 

There isn't much choice where I live, and I need a strong, durable one, to work hard and last for many years, so the decision came down to choosing one of two models: 
One is the heavy duty 5KPM5, Which I gather has a 0.625 hp and a 5 liter bowl. 

The other, probably newer model: 5KSM7580, which I gather has a 1.3 hp and a 7 liter bowl, so is also larger in size, and costs a LOT more. 

I couldn't find any more differences between them, but I might have missed them. 

Do you think it's worth paying the extra cash for the more expensive model? 

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Hi Larder, much has been written on the poor quality of KitchenAid, vastly different than the ones made years ago.  It would be worth reading some of the past posts, which are easily accessed by typing "KitchenAid" in the search box in the upper left.  You may well decide to get a different machine after looking through some of the threads.  Or if you stay with KitchenAid the reads will still be insightful.  I have several older machines that I rebuilt and they are workhorses, all metal and well made.  The ones of the past 10-15 years are metal on the outside, but have some parts that are plastic inside that break often.   You will see that many of the posts advise you to run from these machnines for other than occasional bread, cakes, or mashed potatoes!   Other machines are discussed too and opinions vary on those, but most of the opinions on the new Kitchenaids are negative. 

There are other choices out there, and virtually any subject you can think of has been covered somewhere so the search box has lots of other good content too!  Good luck!  

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what's your budget? What are the primary functions for the mixer? Do you have any KA attachments for a machine you have now? 

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I've done quite a lot of reasearch about KA and other brands. I've heard a lot to both sides but to me it seemed that the majority of opinions are in favor and I eventually decided to go for it.

It's now down to these two models.

My budget is flexible, because I want high quality, but I wouldn't like to pay more than necessary for my needs. The primary functions would be cakes and breads of all sorts, made daily. I don't have any KA equipment right now.

Thanks again! more help would be greatly appreciated! 

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Willy B.

I have owned the 6qt. Kitchenaid Pro for about 5 years and have made alot of bread with it with no issues.  I would suggest that if you know someone in or nearby Ohio you contact them and see if the can pick one up at the Kitchenaid store for a large discount.  5 years ago the Pro's were selling for $379 USD and I was able to pick up a refurbished one for $200 USD.

Good luck

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Is this model similar to one of those I mentioned?

I don't have anyone anywhere nearby Ohio...

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the 5 Quart model you mentioned. I have had it about 12 years and it handles most of my needs flawlessly. However when mixing large amounts(more than one loaf) or a tougher dough like rye it tends to bog down a bit but handles cakes etc wonderfully. They call it heavy duty but I certainly don't think it is meant in a commercial or everyday use sense. It is all metal gearing but like I said you can feel the motor heating and the gears grind when ask to perform with heavier doughs. I have since purchased a Bosch Universal Plus with the metal bowl and I must say it will run circles around the KA with large batches. But owning so many KA accesories I would have to buy a replacement KA should this one give up. That said if your needs are modest in terms of production I would go with the cheaper version of the KA and if it last the 12 years I have gotten from mine I would think it money well spent. Good luck!!