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I am Very Pleased with these two.

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JOHN01473's picture

I am Very Pleased with these two.

Today's bake was kind of an emergency.
my wife ran out of bread so it was full steam ahead.
no time for starter build so out came some fresh yeast.
i have been trying to perfect my 50% White / 50% Whole Wheat tinned loaf.
these were 1500g of dough in my large tins.

Nice Bottoms!

i was twitching between making one 3kg boule but failure and experimentation was not an option today.


isand66's picture

Those look pretty good from the outside to me.  If your crumb looks as nice I don't think your wife will be disappointed.

Nice emergency loaf.


JOHN01473's picture

the crumb and eating was really nice.


dabrownman's picture

nice WW loaves!  Nice baking John.  Maybe not as tasty as SD but .....

Happy baking

JOHN01473's picture

i did all the SD procedures: Autolyse, S&Fs, DDT 28°C. added toasted pumpkin seeds.

baked with steam, baked at lower temp, removed from tin and rotated twice.

if i can get some time this week i will prepare my starter for an SD bake.

glad you liked them, i did not get thew same taste as SD - makes you appreciate the flavour payback for the extra work.


hanseata's picture

than store bought wonderbread, that for certain.


JOHN01473's picture

they are a nice loaf and store bought makes me shudder.

we have not bought storebought bread for 4 years now.