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High percentage starter loaf

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High percentage starter loaf

hello all

ive been making an organic loaf lately of the following %'s

90% unbleached organic flour

10% wholemeal organic flour

2% salt

1% fresh yeast

50% starter

65% hydration

mix on low for 3-4 minutes,autolyse for 30 minutes, continue mixing until the dough passes the 'windowpane' test. Bulk fermentation for 2 hours with 4 s+f. Shape in to boules and final rise for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Slash and bake at 200c for 30 minutes. 

The resulting loaf has been great, but I want to do a version with 70-75% starter. Would this require any fresh yeast at all (0.5%?) or should I omit fresh yeast completely and allow for a longer bulk fermentation? 



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  • If you are a purist then forget the yeast. If it doesn't matter either way, add the yeast. The ultimate goal, of course, is great taste. Good luck how evor you proceed.
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Do you want to up the % of starter? What are you trying to accomplish?



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Something here may be fishy. Let's confirm what type of starter is being discussed. Sourdough or another pre-ferment.


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It's a sourdough starter. I want to up the % of starter because I want to make a loaf without any bakers yeast at all, but that can ferment in around 4-5 hours.