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pizza stone

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pizza stone

I am trying to figure out the best option for a stone.  Any info would be highly appreciated 



Happy New Year to all 

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The very best non-metallic stone you can get is made from cordierite. Call a ceramic or kiln supplier. Don't ask for a pizza stone, you are looking for a kiln shelf. It's inexpensive, far more resistant to thermal shock and is good for temps close to 2kF. 1" is best but you do not want the honeycombed version. Too fragile.

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Thanks for the tip. Are the kiln shelves safe to be used for  baking bread?

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They are asbestos free and perfectly safe. This spring I plan to use one with a kettle grill and lump charcoal to see if I can get to wood fired oven temps needed for real Neapolitan style pizza.

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After so many times of heating and cooling my pizza stones all break. I use my pizza stone for bread as well as pizza and I make bread two or three times a week. This sounds like it may be what I've been looking for. 

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Consider a steel plate instead of pizza stone, has some distinct advantages: lasts forever (never cracks), heats up more quickly, has quicker rebound from temp drops. 

Here's a link to the TFL thread about it

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Baking stone is useful in some hearth bread. Baking stone is in direct contect to the dough. After long time preheat to a very high temperature, the baking stone can release heat to the dough, which can bring the dough to high temperature in a short time. Some doughs are required high heat in the first several minute, which contributes to the beautiful crumbs. PS. With a baking stone in the oven, the preheating time needs to be longer than usual.

I got a cordierite baking stone and often use it.


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Baking stones has been a continuing topic of discussion here.  This thread is one of the best and most comprehensive:

Stan Ginsberg