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Hello from snowy, cold Ohio!

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Hello from snowy, cold Ohio!

I'm sitting here at home and thought I'd pop in and introduce myself. I'm 26 years old and I have just started baking! I haven't tried anything too outrageous, save for a basic wheat bread and some delicious rolls. I'm excited to be here and hope for lots of awesome pointers.

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Explore the site, especitally the tutorials.  Make heavy use of the search box in the upper left corner, virtually any aspect of querry you have will show multiple posts from very experienced bakers and some pro's too.  lots of great tips and recipes from many bakers.  Enjoy this great journey you are embarking on!!

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I too live in Northern part of Ohio and it is indeed cold this time of year.  I think I prefer it cold and snowy as long as it snows enough to keep it pretty white.  I bake on and off and since Hostess went out I think I have to bake some sandwich loaves now if I can find one that can match or I prefer to beat the Home Pride that used to be sold.  Good luck with all you try to bake and this is indeed a great place to find like minded kind folks to guide us on the path for the perfect loave whatever it may be.