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Hobart C-100 vs C=100T

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Hobart C-100 vs C=100T

Hi Folks,

Just joined Fresh Loaf....been reading some of your great articles...and decided to join.  I grew up in my family bakery in the 60's and at that young age...hated it!...but now so grateful my parents taught me how to bake...  I have now got out our old recipe book and started baking in my home.  I have worn out about 3 KitchenAid mixers and have become an expert on repairing them.  Currently have a 6 qt (that I just repaired again!) and getting a little tired of ordering gears that don't hold up to my recive for 4 loaves of bread.  I have been searsing for a Hobart mixer, not like the 60 qt we used in our bakery, but a 10 or 20 qt.  There are so many Hobart compeditors out these and much lower prices, but I know the EXPENSIVE Hobart is the best....according to most of the bakers I talk to.   

  Sorry for being so "wordy" but here is my question.  I have found a C-100T and would like to know the difference between the C-100 and the C-100T.  

Would appreciate any help.




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I think it has a timer whereas the C-100 does not.