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Hello from a windmill in Suffolk, UK

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stanton windmill

Hello from a windmill in Suffolk, UK

Hello all

My name is Linda and eight years ago my husband and I bought a cottage in rural Suffolk, UK, which included a working windmill which orginally dates back to 1751.  Since then we have been grinding organic wheat on a part-time basis to sell at our local farmer's market at Wyken Vineyards to help to pay for the up-keep of the mill.  At first we just sold wholemeal and "80%" (having had most of the bran removed by sieving) flour, but gradually we increased our range as we found out what our mill could produce and sourcing local grains.  We now mix our own flour and muesli recipes, and sell a variety of grains to add to baking.  All this is without any additives.    

It is very time consuming to maintain and give guided tours round a windmill, so I have to admit for a while I did less baking after we moved here than before.  I have been encouraged to join by one of our lovely customers, your very own JOHN01473. I am already overwhelmed by the amount of information and help available! John has kindly offered to help us put some recipes on our website in the New Year.


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Sounds like you will have great fun here, as many of us do... Welcome aboard. It also sounds like you will be a great help to our family of "millers"... great to have you here.

one of the 3 gmas... Diane

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As Diane said, you are gonna have a blast here! We learn so much from each other and have so much fun sharing and getting to know each other! I don't have a windmill, but do plan to grind my own flour eventually. Do you ship to the US? I would LOVE to try some of your flours!!



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from AZ.  John speaks highly of your flour and mill.  Not many Fresh Lofians have their own wind powered, stone flour mills at home :-)  How fun it must be!


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i have to say i am so glad Linda has joined us. 

i am extremely fortunate to have this jewel, a great mill on my doorstep producing great flour.

i am looking forward to working with Linda, building some recipes for hand and bread machines utilising their great flours.

like a child in a sweet shop, i want to, and have baked with them all.

more power to your sails Linda.

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Hi Linda, Welcome. Is that your working windmill in the avatar? If so,  it is a jewel. I am looking forward to more milling stories.  All the best,


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ars pistorica

What you have done, and what you are doing, is just plain superb.  I applaud you, more than I can convey.

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stanton windmill

Thank you for all your lovely welcomes. 

In answer to your questions: unfortunately we do not ship to the US.  Even if we were allowed (which I don't know) the weight would make it so expensive.  We have sent a few items by post in this country, but the postage was more than the goods, which makes it rather prohibitive. 

Yes, that is our mill in the avatar, I selected a wintery photo to be seasonal.  My husband, Dominic, has taken hundreds of photos, of our mill & others around the country, so will be able to post a selection as time goes on. 

John is one of our customers who actually appreciates what we are doing.  Most people still compare with what they can get at the supermarket, which of course is a different beast.  Some locals still haven't worked out that our village has a windmill.  Not a lot you can say to that!  Anyway, the best way to preserve a mill is to work it (gently), so the fact that it can pay for its upkeep is a bonus.

Would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.



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isobel gildon

i pass your lovely windmill whenever I drive to work and it always lifts my heart. So good to see a working windmill in Suffolk when so many have gone. I bake bread every day for a local gastropub and would be happy to share recipes with you. Good luck and happy milling.

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Thanks Linda, nice to know. Thanks for your reply.

Merry Christmas.  Ray

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Wow that is a neat story.  I love the idea of a working 18th Cent windmill, turning local grains into flour (again).  How wonderful!