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Crust cracks - Is this a good thing??

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Crust cracks - Is this a good thing??

Hey guys, 

i have noticed recently, some of my hand shaped round loaves have been forming cracks when I take them out the oven. Googling it I found this page.....

does this sound right??

when I bake my bread, I use a preheated granite tile as my base, alaong with spraying water in the oven. I crank the heat up max until I put the bread in then drop it down to about 180 celcius. 

Thanks in advance   


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it must be broken and you can send me the ruined bread anytime :-)  We like cracks and hope to get them every time we bake bread - and are disappointed when we don't get them.  Nice baking,

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Song Of The Baker

I too recently experienced this hairline cracking.  It wasn't until some users on here commented that it was a very good thing.  Be proud!