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please help. beginner question

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please help. beginner question

hi guys,please help me out with this

I wan to make a sourdough with 1:2:3 ratio

i heard that the starter needs to be almost at peak before using

Assume is 100g starter, 200 water and 300 flour

so do i feed my 100g starter with the 300g of flour in my recipe and let it peak like fermenting it,and shape it into batards then proof again for baking?

or do i feed my starter 1st, then take 100 g of it when it almost peaks and use it in the recipe?

next question is

i am using a 100% hydration starter, but it is not like those starters others have, mine is abit more thicker. Is this normal?

lastly , about the overnight fermentation, do i soak 300g of flour with my water overnight and mix it with my 100g of starter when it almost peak?

or do i mix 100g of my starter when it almost peak with some flour and water and leave it overnight then add the remaining flour to it the next day?

please help me out

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Mini Oven

a little thicker starter is also just fine.  If using AP, do hold back just a tiny bit of water while mixing.   Have fun!  :)

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Pioneer Foodie

People make this such a big deal like it really matters or something. By sticking to formulae in such a hardnosed manner we rob ourselves of opportunity to learn about variations in texture and flavor.

When I was first learning, I took one recipe and made it a hundred times with many slight variations. It sure gave me a feel for dough.

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The link Mini posted leads to one of the simplest sourdough recipes here: Flo Makanai's 1-2-3 formula.   

You measure the amount of starter on hand (at whatever hydration it happens to be), then add twice as much water and three times as much flour, adjusting the water, of course, as needed.  Salt is 1.8 to 2% of flour weight.

Nothing complicated or hardnosed about that.


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Pioneer Foodie

Actually, LindyD, the twice as much water is not a fixed amount. You could go more or less. Likewise, the three times as much flour is not fixed. You could go more or less. Just as you list a variable amount with salt, (which I've never used in a starter as it retards fermentation), other formula ingredients are likewise variable. To say "it must be twice as much water and three times as much flour" seems rather rigid to me.