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Kitchen Aid

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Kitchen Aid

I like so many on here use a Kitchen Aid. Mine, an Artisan model is an indispensable partner in the kitchen. I have tried a few different things with it but have settled on none and was looking for opinions on which speed to use when I am mixing my dough. I am new to the game and have only been baking breads for a few months and any advice would be appreciated.

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I, too, have an Artisan KA and have been making bread since I purchased it.  The manual says to never exceed speed 2 for bread kneading, so I usually stick to that.  They are not the strongest machine and need to be babied a little.  The max flour weight I use is about 750g and it struggles a bit, but gets the job done.  I usually knead for 5mins and then, because I like to get my hands into the dough, I do 5mins by hand.  

Sondra in Oz

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Hi Sondra,

I too read the manual and thought just as you said, however on a few of the threds there was talk of using #4 and going for ten to 12 minutes.. I have tried both and actually just 10 min ago finished a loaf, simple sndwhich bread 5/540 white / wholewheat; 1 1/2 cups of each, 3/4 cup water, 1 egg , 2 maybe 3 tbs olive oil, salt ...i did this one only going to speed #2 for 10, will see how it turns out.... Equator in SQ..

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Min KA a caught fire. I now follow every single thing the manual says
On my replacement mixer. Not just smoke, there were flames

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"Not just smoke, there were flames"

Is that standard or did you have to pay extra for the flames?

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My grammar is horrid sorry ( but laughing at how that came out)

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I, too, was wondering. A lot of KA owners talk about smoke, but this is the first mention of flames that I recall. Perhaps it's one of those premiums thingies, like extended warranties, for which you pay extra. I'm thinking I would pass on that. I don't think it's even an option on the DLX; maybe I should call the distributor.

Dear Heidela123, please don't take offense; the joking is not aimed at you.  It's just that there have been some contentious KA topics recently.

@equator180: Do heed the manual. As you gain experience working within the limitations, you might try pushing the design envelope a bit. Keep notes on the dough amounts and hydration, and mixer speed relative to signs of the KA straining or getting hot.



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My comment was real here is my orig thread. Almost set my curtains on fire. I have less love for the mixer than I used to but still due to a limited budget use mine but only carefully and as directed
I have not taken your comment personally
Is not what it used to be