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New member / novice baker

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New member / novice baker

Hi everyone-

My name is Tom and I'm from NY.  A few months ago I decided to get into bread baking, learning everything I know from the BBA book.  So far I've worked through a few recipes, and the bread that I've made has turned out to be excellent (so far I've made Artos and Anadama, and a few others).  Needless to say I'm having a lot of fun with the hobby, and I'm joining this site so I can learn a lot more, and become an excellent baker.  It is my goal to eventually come up with recipes of my own, so I look forward to learning from the more experienced people on the forum.

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Keep baking bread and before you know it, you'll be making bread without having to look at a recipe; then you'll start thinking of adding a bit of this, or changing a bit of that, and you'll have become a real baker.  In the meantime, enjoy yourself and your breads.