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New from Northern California

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New from Northern California


I'm Bonnie and I've been baking bread for about a year. I've been lurking this site and using plenty of the recipes but just decided to register now. I like making sourdoughs, rustic and artisinal breads, making pizza, challah, dutch crunch sandwich rolls and whatever else strikes my fancy. Croissants are my white whale so I'll have to tackle that soon for sure. If you are on instagram you can see pictures of me breads @bontanica Thanks for making such a lovely warm community here!

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I'm on the Peninsula, so welcome from my (very rainy today) home! 

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from Santa Rosa.  This part of the world is the best for baking bread.  Something about the air . . . You sound adventurous with all that you bake; keep us posted!


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Nice to have some people from my neighborhood, happy baking!

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Hello fellow bakers

I am a fairly new member and it is great to see all of the postings and comments. I am amazed at the incredible pictures and the commitment to baking I found on the members of this site. I enjoy baking and have done it for many years. The baking bug bit me in my teens back in Peru and have never stopped. Always learning new ways of baking bread. As of lately experimenting with Sourdough with a starter I started within the confines of my home.

Thanks to all