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Cassava Levain

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October 30, 2007 - 3:15pm -- the breadman

This bread was based on Della Fattoria's Polenta Bread. Cassava is a root that is closely related to Yucca. Where I'm from some grow it, dry it then grind it into "Farine". It is unbearably sour raw but toasts into a beautifully nutty flour with mild sour notes. I use it in some of my breads to make them more 'local'.


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The taste is slightly more sour than I typically like it but people here like more 'sour' sourdoughs. It toasts great and lasts a really long time, I actually prefer it a couple days old. I live in Bermuda - very humid all the time so this kinda baking is murder on the crust.

Really cool gallery!! Some awesome examples - your Essential's Columbia turned out better than mine !