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Hi from Northern California, home of the San Francisco Sourdough!

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Hi from Northern California, home of the San Francisco Sourdough!

Hi Fresh Loaf community,

I've been a lurker for the last 5 months that I've been baking bread at home, and I decided to finally join. I've learned a lot from occassionally lurking, and I hope I can learn and contribute to the community. Now that I've tasked myself with making fresh 100% whole wheat bread, I need help! I'm a pretty big health nut and I haven't eaten white flour in yeeeeears until I started baking my own bread, but it's time to learn some healthy recipes that I can feel good about sharing with my family. 

As for what I can contribute, I've worked long and hard to reach an artisan-level sourdough, which is working like clock-work for me. I have a good darn dutch crunch topping, too. 

Can't wait to get started!


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Hello and welcome from Oakland!

If you're willing to drop a bit of cash for a good bread resource with 100% whole wheat breads, you should check out the Reinhart book "Whole Grain Breads"

Enjoy your stay!

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we like whole grain breads a lot but SFSD requires some white flour, even though it supposedly isn't as healthy for you.  I hear a little ice cream doesn't hurt now and again either :-)

Happy Baking in the Land of Sourdough!

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Hi and welcome from San Mateo. I've been lurking for eons and just decided to get an account myself! I look forward to seeing some of your whole wheat work. 

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Hi everyone, thanks for the welcomes! 

Xanthia, I'm actually posting to a thread right now about my first ever whole wheat sourdough.... it's in the oven right now, I'm so excited! I'll see you on the forums,