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Hi From Sunny Devon/uk

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Hi From Sunny Devon/uk

Hi there guys,

Big hi from sunny devon/uk

new to baking bread and needed some advice if imay please?

my white loaf is turned out really nice but when i try to make a wholemeal loaf it comes out like a brick and idont know why.

someone did say i may need to add some Gluten flour or been told another name is vital wheat gluten but i cant seem to find any in my local shop can anyone give me some advice please??

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Hi there.

Welcome to the best bread forum.

Wholemeal will take that much more effort and know how to get a lighter loaf. Wholemeal has a lower total gluten content and the bran pieces weaken the structure.

There are others here that can offer more specific advise but I would suggest upping hydration a tad and utilising cold fermentation for a couple of day in the fridge. That should show improved results.

Happy baking.


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Hi Sealover

I had this problem with wholemeal. Obvious issues might be t0o short first or second provong, but even getting these right still geve me wholemeal "bricks". My solution was to make a loaf with 45% white and 55% wholemeal flour. The result rises nicely and is light and open textured inside.

I add 75g brown linseed (one of the best things for gut motility) to offset the lower fibre content, plus 45-50g pumpkin seeds for flavour.


I am a novice really and I think there may be another answer, but this is working well for me now.



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sounds like a plan cheers :)