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Baking Ingredients (Incld. KAF)

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Baking Ingredients (Incld. KAF)

Hello Avid Bakers!
I've seen many of you enjoy using King Arthur Flour in your breads....and why shouldn't you, it's fantastic, isn't it?

As a baker, I always try to search out the best possible ingredients to use in my bread, starting with my flour. I find that the retail on the KAF Flour is too expensive. Did you know there's a very very good chance your local bakery uses KAF Flour. 

KAF Has a professional page where they sell their professional flours like

Brand nameSir LancelotSpecialSir GalahadWhite Whole WheatRound TableQueen Guinevere
Moisture (Maximum)14.0%14.0%14.0%13.5%14.0%14.0%
Protein (14% M.B.)14.2% +/- 0.2%12.7% +/- 0.2%11.7% +/- 0.2%12.5%-14%9.2 +/- 0.3%7.0% +/- 0.2%
Ash (14% M.B.).52% +/- 0.02%.48% +/- 0.02%.48% +/- 0.02%1.20% min.44% +/- 0.02%.34% +/- 0.02%
Falling Number250 +/- 30 sec.250 +/- 30 sec.260 +/- 30 sec.350 sec. min280 +/- 30 
Absorption %63.0 +/- 2.062.0 +/- 2.061.0 +/- 2.070 +/- 2.053.0 +/- 2.053.0 +/- 2.0
Peak7.0 min. +/- 1.57.0 +/- 1.57.0 +/- 1.59.0 +/- 1.01.5 +/- 1.01.5 +/- 1.0
Stability14.0 min.+/- 3.013.0 min. +/- 3.012.5 min. +/- 3.013.0 min. +/- 1.52.5 min. +/- 1.03 min. +/- 1.0
MTI30 B.U/ +/- 1030 B.U. +/- 1030 B.U. +/- 1020 B.U. +/- 1080 B.U. +/- 1080 B.U. +/- 10
Wheat Type100% Hard red spring100% Hard red spring100% Hard red winterHard white springSoft white/red winterSoft red winter

 The Lancelot being the most expsensive, at a price of 16.88/50#
And the Guinuvere being 11.52/50# bag.
So... I urge you to call up your local bakery and see if they use this flour, if they do. I'm almost 99% positive if you ask to purchase a 50# bag of it they will gladly order one for you.

Also use fresh yeast in your bread, I personally think fresh yeast creates a more tender dough and that the proofing times and flavor are much better. 

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I thought the price of flour as a basic ingredient was high but I had no idea just how much more we are paying. I buy KAF bread flour, KAF Whole Wheat, KAF White Whole Wheat, & KAF All Purpose flour in 5 lb bags. These are priced at $5.00 at my local grocer. Specialty flours by Bob's Red Mill or KAF Specialty as we know are much more expensive and in smaller amounts. My purpose is to make fresh home baked bread with as little adulteration as possible using basic ingredients. While I have been having pretty good results since I began bread baking last March of this year, I haven't been able to achieve the oven spring with rye breads and sourdoughs they get a Publix bakery. My Italian bread using different recipes has been really good. I find that when I slash my other breads they very often deflate and only partially recover even with oven spring. While a little disappointing, the quality of the bread- texture, flavor and taste is very good. But I am digressing when I really meant to just comment on flour price. 

 I would love to get the specialty flours as well as the aforementioned flours at the price per pound quoted here. I have no idea       where I would put much less be able to use up 50# bags of flour. Maybe if several people got together and each bought ten to fiteen pounds that would work. I am also wondering what incentive a bakery would have to save the consumer money on flour when he knows it's used to make a product the baker would like to retail to the customer. Not to mention you are getting the advantage of a business' tax id number to avoid sales tax. Fresh yeast in bakers quantities would be yet another dillema to deal with.  Everything else aside I am having a rewarding experience baking bread even though my loaf may not always be all that  was hoped for.