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Looking for a new book after Hamelman's book

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Looking for a new book after Hamelman's book


I'm new as a member though I've been here as a passive reader for a while.

After reading here long discussions and different opinions about good book for sourdough breads,  I bought Hamelman's book Bread.

This book upgraded the bread's taste by far and more importantly deepened my understanding of the chemical process of making bread.

I want to purchase a new book and asking you for advice, what is the recommended book to continue learning about the chemical process and high-quality recipes mainly used with sourdough.

From what I read here, I try to decide which is better for my needs: Local Breads/ Bread alone by Daniel Leader (but I read there are a lot of errors in those books?) or Tartine bread by Chad Robertson (but without the combo cooker) or Bread Baking: An Artisan's Perspective by DiMuzio.

Other suggestions are welcome.



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Postal Grunt

I found it really difficult to stop buying bread books once I started. Before you start down the path to overloaded book shelves and financial resource depletion, I'd suggest that you utilize your local library first. If the library doesn't have many books, ask if they can get interlibrary loans of the titles you're interested in.'s picture

I suggest that you save your money and exploit Floyd's search box, the TFL blogs or  dozens of other www sites linked from here for quality recipes. For bread chemistry insights, I'd recommend Hal Magee's seminal On Food and Cooking for a cooking science recource that treats bread baking processes adequately but will also satisfy your curiosity regarding broader food science issues. More specifically for bread, Em Buehler's Bread Science is an easy choice. Lots of information and inexpensive  (self-published).  The books you mention are all excellent in their own very differnt ways. If you can afford them and like to acquire books, you can't go wrong with any of them.  Robertson for artistry, Leader for culture and DeMuzio -- dont know it but TFLoafers who do swear by him.