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Presidential Candidate Cookies

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Ecklof Bakery

Presidential Candidate Cookies

Four years ago the RBA (Retail Bakers of America) held a campaign to see if presidential cookie sales would reflect with any accuracy the actual election results.  The results were amazingly close.

At Ecklof Bakery, we started up the poll again because it was so popular with our community and it's been a huge hit in just the first two days.  I've posted up the designs that I created on a site called the Baker's Bench for any bakeries who would like to use it in their edible image printing system.  The designs are jpg format and are sized to 4" circles to accomodate the cookie sized papers available for all systems.

If you'd like to download and use our design then you can find the images here:

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Gary Johnson see this :-)

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Mini Oven

Some baked goods (shapes) simply exist so that the customer can bite a symbol representing their opponent.  Might be a popular way to express aggressive behavior in a socially acceptable way.  

A very popular European cookie took it's shape hundreds of years ago from a symbol on an agressor's flag.   The shape remained.  Although I find it strangely aggressive biting the head off our political leaders in the form of a cookie, the idea of dunking some of them into hot coffee does sound appealing.