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Help starting out!

Hi everyone! I stumbled across this forum trying to make sense of all the information on the internet!!

My husband was diagnosed with having sensitivities to wheat, eggs and milk, along other things, and I am now scrambling to find things he can eat. He seems to be doing fine with ancient grains such as spelt, but we unfortunately live far from any bakers that could provide such breads regularly... We have tried grocery store products, which have all been terrible, and I ahve now come to the conclusion that I will have to do this myself!

I have NEVER been anthing close to a and tried my hand at a spelt bread last night! I wasn't a complete success but it was just as edible as the store junk we bought before... I have been told that starting with bread making should be done with 'regular flour" first but this is simply not an option. 

Would anyone out there have recipes or tips that could help me start out without killing my poor husband or starving him to death! lol! We were always a very "bland" bread family before and I need all the help I can get :)

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to the world of GFCF (gluten free casein free). My ten year old grandson has been GFCF since he was two years old so every summer I enter that world for a few weeks when they come for vacation. I agree that the store bought stuff is pretty awful.

You will find lots of recipes and comments here and on many websites if you search using those words. Almond Dream cookies and ice "cream" are favorites plus we make pizza, brownies, bread and cookies for him that the whole family can enjoy. King Arthur flour website has more and more recipes and helpful hints.

They give the make-at-home directions for a gluten free flour mixture or you can buy the one they offer. I keep meaning to do that but every year I don't order it in time so end up making up a big container of wheat free flour. It has worked great but I don't have any knowledge of how much better the commercial mixture might be. I'd be glad to share any recipes that we've collected if you like--taste tested by my grandchildren and my four legged lab assistant and found worthy.  

Best of luck in your adventure, you will be twice blessed seeing your husband enjoy the yummy things you will make for him.

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Trust this woman, she is my sister and is an extremely great baker! Welcome to the Wonderful world of Bread baking.