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White Loaf

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White Loaf

I am new to bread making, just got Kenwood Chef and am trying to perfect my loaf! I am struggling with the baking.  I am trying to cook a loaf made with 900g flour in a 21b tin.  How long does anyone think this should take in a fan assisted oven and what temperature would anyone recommend? I am finding to get the bread completely baked the outside is far too crisipy.  I am baking on 180 c.  

Thank you :0)

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I use an oven which has a fan running in it.   I cover the loaf pan for the first 20 minutes.  I continue baking for another 40 minutes after removing the cover.  I also add a couple of tablespoons of water directly into the loaf pan, with the dough, to provide steam.  The first 20 minutes are at 450F, and the following 40 minutes are at 350F (approximately 180C).  My final loaf weighs about 2.5 lbs.

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Sounds like you have too much dough in your tin, the 2lb weight should be that of the uncooked dough rather than the flour. Try using dough made with about 500-600g worth of flour. By the time you've factored in your liquid, salt and yeast that should bring you close to 2lb (about 900g).

Temperature wise start off at about 225 C (with steam made by throwing some water onto a hot baking tray in the bottom of the oven) for about 10 minutes to achieve a good oven spring, then lower the temperature to about 200 C and bake for about another 20 minutes until well browned and hollow sounding when you tap it.