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Assistent parts for antique unit

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Assistent parts for antique unit


someone gave my mother a very old Assistent many many years ago, she never  bothered to use it because it was too heavy for her to handle.

It appears to be still functional, could do with a new switch and scraper/roller though.

Any suggestions on a parts supplier for this vintage model ?




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Wow! Cool. Honestly, I would try the current scraper and roller. It looks like the same configuration. if it doesn't work, return them. As for the switch, no clue, but I'm sure someone here would know. I love my assistent and use it ALLLLL the time.

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Grampa Knuckles

HI, I would suggest emailing the manufacturer.  They will know if the part is available and also where its easiest to get from.  Thinking the roller will be easy but switch may need to be ordered.

Cool that you still have one.  Proof how reliable they are.  Hope mine last that long even if I dont.