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I recently moved from Phoenix, AZ to Soda Springs, ID and I can't bake anything! I was just trying to make a simple zukini bread I could make in my sleep before. Now holy cow; it rose up and fell. I looked up about higher elevation baking and removed some sugar, levening and added a little more liquid but nothing really helped it to get the right texture. Please help I would like to keep baking and I need to make my daughter's birthday cake soon. Thanks for any help that can be given.

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Did you try increasing the baking temperature by 25 degrees F?  I ran across this on  Presumably the idea is to cook the cake before it gets too inflated.  There is some discussion on the web page.

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I moved from sea level to a mile high, so I can relate to your problems. My first tip for cakes is to use Soft As Silk cake flour. They give the adjustments for high altitude baking for each of the recipes featured on the box. If you do not want to use their recipes it is easier to guage how to alter your own by their adjustments. Definitely increase the oven temperature as Mango Chutney suggested by 25 degrees, and be careful not to over bake. There are many web-sites specifically for high altitude baking. Just google "high altitude baking". Size and diameter of the cakes is also important. If you want to make a sheet cake or anything larger than a 9 inch round, you will definitely need to use one of the heat distributing cones. I use a bundt pan instead of a loaf pan now for making any of my quick breads without having to make any adjustments to the original recipe. Try that with your zucchini bread, it just might fix the problems you are having. Good luck!