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Hey all,

I am wondering if there is a scale out there for simply weighing buns and stuff, that is not like the battery powered ones, and not like any other electric scale, and of course that is not like the thing that balances weights. I am thinking more along the lines of the same scale that you stand on in the bathroom, do those come in smaller sizes that are for baking or cooking?. Thanks in advance!.

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There are lots of kitchen spring scales.  Is that is what you are looking for?

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Mechanical scales are the way to go. Some points to think about

Will you go pro with your bakery products: If so the scale should have an NSF certification

Most home scale do not display or measure in units required: such as 0.006 oz yeast

The best feature of the scales listed below they are tolerant to flour spices....

Here are several links to scales we use for our meat and spice weighing for our sausage company

Here are several we use for our bakery:

Salt and yeast

Flour: or


Best Regards,


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That Ohaus looks great!  I've been using a little Ohaus that was leftover from my days of doing wood floor coatings research in my basement.  It's got an AC adaptor but the battery option is not rechargable.  It weighs down to 0.01 g rather than 0.5, but only goes up to 300g which means that I have to weigh out some of my ingredients in two or more portions.  I've been longing for a replacement that weighes greater quantities, but most scales that I found in that price range only use batteries.  How is Old Will Knott Scales to deal with as compared to Amazon?

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Thanks guys, I ordered this one:

It's easy to see the weight amount in between 40 and 101 grams which is what i needed, and is not battery powered. Thank you all for all of your helpful suggestions.